Dr. Garry B. Corgiat, Ph.D.


Welcome to the website of Doctor Garry Corgiat, Ph.D. LMFT

My style of working is direct, engaged, conversational and collaborative.

Change requires active participation from both of us.

Our relationship will feel like real human connection and not clinical detachment, so working together you can expect direct communication, humor, honesty, respect and caring.  I will encourage you to keep the work going outside of the therapy sessions so I am available should you need to connect with me.

I like working with highly sensitive people, their unique way of experiencing life, and their challenges, especially learning how to respond rather than just reacting to people and life.  I also enjoy working with couples and multi-partner relationships who want more compassion than conflict in their life together and who value closeness more than the fight to be right.

I work to be honest, caring and straightforward with my clients.  I am especially interested in understanding my clients as people and  to understand how they uniquely see the world and experience their place in it.  I work to provide my clients the active support and companioning that the therapeutic relationship can offer, and our work flows organically through the process of exploration and understanding into healing, resolution and change.

We will work together to create better options for you, not to reinvent who you are. I am invested in what gives each person more self-compassion and a happier life.

You can expect:

  • Someone you can safely share your fears and secrets with
  • The development of new emotional management skills
  • Straight talk, direct answers, honest opinions
  • Commitment to emotional companioning during our work together

Dr. Garry is licensed in Oregon and California.